The Essential Moving Checklist Must-Haves For a Smooth Transition –

the information and written down in front of you. Take a few minutes during each step of the process by going back over the information you wrote down earlier until everything has been accounted and accounted for. You will be able to ensure that everything is safe during storage, transport or during the day of your move.
Label Your Boxes

If you want to label the boxes you have, there are number of ways of doing it:

Use a label maker. This is the best approach because it’s easy to draw on the paper using an ink pen or pencil and then adhere it to the box with double-sided tape. If you’ll need more than one label for a box, such as when there are many items you wish to move, this method may not be a good idea because they will be too large and take up a lot of areas.

Use permanent markers or paint pens instead of masking tape as they won’t get smudged as quickly like tape as time passes when exposed outside of its protective casing (this does not include moisture).

Making sure that proper labeling is put in place can drastically ease your headaches when you reach your new residence. If you choose to hire house movers service, they can aid you with labeling the move.

Take Inventory of Your Items

While you are packing up your items, be sure to take inventory of everything that you’re bringing with you. Take photos if you can and keep track of serial numbers. That way, if an item that was lost is discovered in storage or at another place, it can help locate the item in question and avoid any confusion. If you’d like, you can either take an inventory on paper using a paper technique or using a computer like Excel. Include all the relevant information including the items’ weight as well as its size and price.

Keep an eye on all the items that need to be repaired prior to the relocate. These include appliances, and


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