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What You Should Know About Social Security Benefits

Is it possible to get Social security benefits from SSA if I am only partially disabled?
The Social Security Administration has some pretty rigid guidelines in place regarding who is eligible for Social Security benefits. The SSA rules clearly state that they only grant Social Security benefits for applicants that are totally disabled. People who only have cases of partial disability or short term disability are not eligible for Social Security benefits.
My doctors say that there is no treatment that can help me, so why do I have to keep going to doctors?
Even if you are suffering from a condition that doctors have deemed untreatable, you should still keep seeing a doctor in order to avail of medications that may help alleviate any symptoms or pain that you are experiencing. And if you continue to receive Social Security benefits, you should continue to see your doctor because Social Security will periodically review your claim to deem if you are still disabled or not. Failing to see a doctor regularly may give the SSA cause to believe that you are no longer disabled.
I am able to work but not at what I used to nor can I earn the same money I used to. Can I still file for SS benefits?
The Social Security Administration grants Social Security benefits based on a few considerations. The most important condition is the degree of your disability as determined by the Social Security Administration. Under SSA rules, you are classified as disabled if you cannot work in the same job as before, and your condition prevents you from working at another job. You are also classified as disabled if your illness or condition is anticipated to last for a year or if you are expected to die from your condition.
The Social Security program assumes applicants that have family members that are currently working and will have access to other means that will support them during times of short term disability. These resources may include compensation from your place of employment, insurance programs, and personal savings.
The Social Security Administration has an extensive list of medical conditions that is used to determine if the person is eligible to receive benefits or not. If your particular illness or condition is not on the list, the Social Security Administration will decide on your claim based on the seriousness of your condition.
If you cannot work in the same job that you had before and you cannot work at any other job, you will be able to avail of Social Security benefits.

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