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What Makes World Stories?

For as long as humans could talk throughout the world stories have been told and retold. In the fabric of a culture, they act as vital threads in the weave. In any society they define the roots and significance of the peoples. As a culture grows, so do its world stories.
I have been blessed by the number of world stories I have found from my travels around the world. And each time I visit another country I have the opportunity to learn a bit about it. Customs and rituals. Geography and daily habits. So the world stories I hear have substantial meaning to me. And one of the benefits is to see how world stories come directly from the cultures of origin. My firsthand experience of a given culture heightens my appreciation of their stories. I have visited countries in Europe, Central and South America, throughout Canada, the United States, and Southeast Asia. The differences as well as the similarities of the various countries impress me deeply.
You can find in every culture notions which they hold as sacred. The demonic can also be found. These notions appear regularly in their stories. Their stories grow out of this mythical soil. Many world stories derive from mythology. They include creation stories along with other stories that explain the world.
Folktales, on the other hand, are generated from daily village life. These stories rise out of a rural setting for obvious reasons. Fairy tales also live in the world of folktales. The questioning minds of preliterate villagers found apt expression through stories of magic and mystery. Cautionary tales abound, all of them containing messages to avert disaster. Do not go into the deep, dark woods! Keep away from wild animals! Do not talk to strangers! On the other hand, reward and happy endings comprise many folktales. Good and evil are eternal foes. The Golden Rule reigns supreme. No matter what the genre, a good world story brings meaning to the contemporary world as well. And thats where modern day storytelling has a place. Contemporary society is far removed from rural villages of old, but the old stories still remain pertinent.
Some world stories are humorous. Other world stories are mysterious. Many world stories are full of insight. Often world stories are enigmatic. Generally world stories teach. All world stories entertain.
No matter what, all world stories maintain a deep bond with the fabric of their culture. The experiences of people are drawn in world stories. And they have merit in worlds far removed from their origin.
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