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Silt Barrier and Turbidity Curtains

Sophisticated technology and innovative ideas have brought various solutions that benefit the environment. The construction industry is required to be responsible for controlling certain issues around projects located near and around water. A silt barrier, for example, is often used by construction companies, as well as dredging companies. The concept behind a silt barrier or a silt curtain involves controlling and containing sediments produces from certain operations near water. There are regulations and industry standards that construction companies must abide by when implementing a silt barrier or a turbidity curtain.

Turbidity barrier specialists are employed to help construction companies and dredging companies abide by the rules and regulations set by local and state governments. Industry standards are dictated by the Clean Water Act, as well as the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. A silt barrier is a necessary solution for projects involving Dam removal or restoration. Construction projects involving work around harbors also require silt barrier and turbidity curtains in order to control sediments in waterways. Bridge construction projects also commonly use a turbidity barrier system as well.
Projects located near shorelines and Coastal areas also require silt barrier solutions in order to control sediments. The type of turbidity system needed for a project depends on the size and the nature of a project. Not all silt barrier systems are created the same, and in some cases special solutions are needed. These control curtains are considered impermeable barriers that control the settling of solids or silt. Construction projects taking place around waterways disrupt the natural elements.
These elements are known to float on the surface of the water, which could disrupt the natural habitat of certain environmental conditions. A silt barrier is basically used to prevent the disruption of the environment caused by settling solids. Organizations have the option of custom ordering a silt barrier for their particular job site but there are also readymade systems that can be easily implemented for a wide variety of jobs. Finding more information about a silt barrier and how they benefit the environment and a construction project can be found in social networks, business directories, and even forums.
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