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Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are several different options of flooring to choose from for both residential and commercial buildings. Some floors are more expensive than others, and some floors required a significant amount of maintenance, while others are easy to maintain. Polished concrete floors provide several benefits for both residential and commercial buildings. In fact, polished concrete floors are also often used in industrial space as well. The number one benefit that polished concrete floors provide is safety. Cement floors that are polished and treated with a special coating provide a no slip surface.

By eliminating slippery floors, fewer injuries are experienced for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to safety, polished concrete floors are extremely cost effective when it comes to maintenance. Cement floors that are polished are resistant to moisture and bacteria, requiring very little cleaning. Cleaning polished concrete floors only involves a mop, and oils, stains, sodas, dirt, grime, and other substances are easily removed from cement floors that are polished. Polished concrete floors are also considered environmentally friendly because the materials used for cement are natural.
Expensive floors like marble or granite produce excellent ambient lighting for both residential and commercial buildings. However, polished concrete floors also produce enhanced ambient lighting without high costs. After polishing cement floors, light is easily reflected from the floor. By providing more ambient lighting, power consumption can be reduced for both residential and commercial buildings. Another benefit of polished concrete floors is minimal disruption during polishing. Special state of the art equipment is used to produce a high gloss finish without disrupting the operations of a business.
Polishing cement floors also increases strength and durability because a special sealant actually bonds into the concrete. There are no worries about splinters, peeling, or chips from polished concrete floors as well. Finding the right equipment or a contractor that specializes in polished concrete floors is easily accomplished online. It's important to read reviews about equipment and contractors before choosing which option is best for your floors. Polished concrete floors are often used for warehouses, malls, factories, storage facilities, and even garages. Retail stores also commonly use this type of flooring as well. See this reference for more.

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